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About Peace Pledge

Peace Pledge is an independent, grass-roots community created to encourage and support people seeking to live more peaceful lives.

Originating in Sydney, Australia, (Bondi Beach, actually!) but with reach into USA, Asia and Europe, it is part of  a global consciousness movement with the aim of helping human beings reach their full potential, and ultimately achieve social harmony.

The idea is that through a commitment to personal peace, World Peace comes one step closer. From small seeds, big trees grow.

The vision for Peace Pledge is to attract five million pledgers, people prepared to not just take the Pledge but to honour it in their daily lives.

Perhaps after we hit the five million mark we’ll double the goal to ten…

You see, there won’t be peace on Earth till there is peace in the hearts of every man, woman and child… so could you help us get the word out? Tell your friends!

If you’d like to know more about Peace Pledge or contribute in some way please email us. Media enquiries welcome.

Want to read the Pledge? Find the Peace Pledge here.