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We all have ideas, thousands of them, every day. Some good, some ordinary, some that just won’t go away.

This is an idea that just wouldn’t go away, but also wouldn’t take shape.

A few years ago I had a very difficult time. I was tortured by guilt and anger and grief. I couldn’t sleep at night. I was in a very bad way. My friends and family were very worried about me – and well they should have been. Sometimes death seemed much more appealing than living that way.

But I am not a quitter and that was not the answer I was seeking. So I dove deep. I took a good look around inside my heart and head and slowly, slowly, with love and support, started to get to know my demons, learn to live with the things I couldn’t change, and find ways to steal back moments of peace.

Perhaps you, too, have had moments of upset, profound discomfort, anxiety and distress. Or perhaps peacefulness is personal value of yours.

For me, my “watershed moment” was the shocking death of a loved one. I just couldn’t cope. Blamed myself. Had no tools in my toolbox to “fix it”.

That experience helped me realise that perhaps even health comes second to peace. And without peace, what chance do we have of happiness? Why even bother getting out of bed in the morning?

But how could that insight be of use to others?

Eventually the penny dropped. Peace – inner peace – can change not just your personal experience of the world, but other people’s experience of you. It’s like a ripple effect… then I came across that quote “there will not be peace on Earth until there is peace in the heart of every man, woman and child”.

So for many years now I have set peace as my daily goal.

And it’s working! Despite the dramatic changes taking place in the world, the natural disasters, wars and poverty, I can see huge possibilities ahead – for you too.

It hasn’t been easy. I need to practice every day (!!!) and certain things still get under my skin… but I can sleep at night, mostly.

The world is undergoing dramatic change right now, so NOW is most definitely the time to spread the word.

And with your help, using the Peace Pledge, I hope that together we can support more and more people as they find a new level of peacefulness in their lives so that, one person at a time, we can create peace on Earth.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you will take the Pledge and ask your friends to do the same.

If you have questions or would to know more you can email me and I promise to reply as soon as I can.

With love and gratitude,